Collection: Men Clothing Jackets

Men’s denim jackets are our specialty. After all, we invented the jean jacket in the late 1800s, and we’ve been reinventing
 it ever since. From black, white, various shades of indigo, and sherpa-lined denim jackets, men have made our styles their signature pieces for decades. The men's Original Trucker Jacket is our staple jacket that fits perfectly. It has a regular fit throughout the torso and arms. The sleeves hit at the wrists and the overall hits at the hip. Made out of strong, durable denim making it ready to wear years to come. Trucker jackets tend to run a little smaller than most, so we encourage ordering a size up to get a comfortable fit. To get the best out of your denim jacket, and to help the environment – try not to wash as much as possible.

If you do need to, wash on cold and hang dry, doing this will prolong the life of your jacket and reduce energy use, an easy win-win. Levi's® denim jackets for men are one of the best ways to showcase true self-expression. For generations, people have been customizing their denim jackets from hippies during Summer of Love, to punks mosh-pitting in grimy, underground clubs. Panels and buttons adorned our denim jackets with social-activism messaging, while bikers tore the sleeves off and drove across the country. Levi's® has now made self-expression easier to show with Levi's® Tailor Shop where you can go in and work one-on-one with a Master Tailor. They can help you design a truly unique piece from start to finish. You can also get pins and patches for your jacket. Another service they provide is distress and repair, where you can have buttons changed, pockets removed or add rips and holes — the sky's the limit.

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