Collection: Men Clothing Jeans Taper

Getting dressed is easy once you’ve narrowed it down to that perfect pair of jeans, but how to choose? Whatever you’re
 looking for, our range of men’s tapered jeans has something just for you, to fit the bill. With the right pair, a guy can easily elevate his look, so it’s worth exploring the possibilities of the tapered fit – today’s chapter in the ever-evolving story of denim. Let’s first clarify what “taper” means. To taper a jean means to “bring in” the leg, so that it gradually narrows toward the ankle.

Think of an inverted triangle shape for tapered leg jeans, loose and comfy on top, but still clean and sharp thanks to the subtle alteration and downsizing of the leg opening. If you’re bored with straight fits but are skeptical of the skinnier styles, tapered fit jeans strike a perfect middle ground. Today, every guy needs a pair of tapered leg jeans, so we’ve incorporated this into our range while staying true to our roots. Our selection of men’s tapered jeans includes a comfortable, looser fit in the thigh, with a narrower leg for a clean, crisp look. We’ve got the 502™ Regular Taper – super easy tapered leg jeans that work for most body types, and a great “first pair” to try. The most versatile of our tapered men’s jeans, this is a fit that works for just about all body types. Not too loose, not too tight, it has a regular straight fit and subtle taper at the ankle. If you’re new to tapered jeans and willing to give it a shot, you can’t go wrong with this one. If you’re looking for a slimmer, sleeker version (and you love the 511™ Slim), the 512™ Slim Taper is your new favorite.

The 512™ offers just enough room to move and a tapered leg, for a sharper profile as it narrows to the ankle for a lean and clean finish. Great for slimmer builds and style-forward guys, these tapered leg jeans offer that coveted “slim, not skinny” fit. We round out our selection with the 541™ – for fuller builds. Originally inspired by athletes, this fit has attained MVP status in guys’ closets everywhere. With jeans, fit is everything, so once you determine the ideal tapered leg jeans for your body type, you can use the overall style you are trying to achieve inform things like wash, finishing and details.

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