Red Tab FAQ

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How do I become a Red Tab member?

  • Unlock the perks of Levi's Red Tab Membership with just a few clicks. Simply create an online account here to enjoy immediate access to free shipping and returns on every order, exclusive product drops, and exciting new collaborations.
  • Already a member? Login here to dive back into the benefits.

How do I earn Red Tab points?

  • Earn 1 point, for every R2 you spend
  • Therefore:
  • Spend R100, and earn 50 points
  • Spend R900, and earn 540 points
  • Spend R1200, and earn 600 points etc.
  • Points can be earned on all purchases, both full priced and sale items (sale price)

How do I redeem points?

  • 1 point = 10c
  • Therefore if you have accumulated the following points, the rand value is as follows:
  • 100 points = R10
  • 500 points = R50
  • 1000 points = R100 etc.
  • Points can be redeemed on full priced items
  • Points cannot be redeemed on any sale items
  • When an item is purchased online your points will only reflect 30 days after your purchase.
  • This is due to the possibility of a return taking place within the 1 month grace period - to avoid issues around using points and then returning the item at a later stage.

Can I combine my Red Tab™ rewards with other offers online or in stores?

  • Red Tab Member reward discounts cannot be combined with other offers. For example, if you use your Red Tab points for 10% off of the total price for the eligible items in your cart, you may not use another coupon in the same transaction. Similarly, if Levi’s® is running a promotional price on a product online or instore, you cannot also use your Red Tab points or 15% off sign up discount for an additional discount on that product.
  • Levi’s® Red Tab reward points can only be used at Levi’s® stores and, and cannot be combined with gift cards or store credit.