Collection: Men Clothing Jeans

Levi's® jeans are an authentic United States icon that fits perfectly with South Africa and South African men. Levi's® jeans can
 be formal wear, workwear or casual wear in a wide range of men's styles. If the perfect pair of men's jeans is on your wishlist, the Levi's® collection has what you are looking for.

How do you measure for men's jeans?

Measuring yourself:

Measure for men's jeans next to skin, not over loose clothing.
Find your preferred waist or hip line.
Measure around the waistband with the tape measure comfortably loose.
Round down to the lowest whole number.
Inseam: Measure the seam from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.
Measuring an existing pair of jeans:

Use your Levi's® men's denim jeans as a reference.
With wrinkles removed, button the jeans and spread them on a flat surface.
Measure the waistband across and double that number to get the actual waist size.
Inseam: Measure the seam from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.

What are men's jeans sizes?

Men's jeans in South Africa are generally sized from "28-52" (71cm-132cm), and may also be labelled from S-XXL. You can use the size guide for any pair of jeans, including straight fit jeans, bootcut jeans, relaxed fit and skinny jeans.

How to style men's jeans? The extensive Levi's® men's jeans range is classic, casual and contemporary, with new arrivals and best sellers that include cargo pants, chinos, corduroy pants and the best denim jeans available. Pair Levi's® men's jeans with t-shirts, hoodies and jackets for a contemporary style statement. 

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